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Cable Overpass for Wire Management Solution
Cable Overpass

Cable Overpass Features:

Product Code: ES-SCH-CO

Sometimes, it is just not practical to run valuable cables across the floor, as they can be crushed underfoot by pedestrian traffic and small vehicles in the workplace. The same trailing cables are also considered serious tripping obstacles in such situations.

The Cable Overpass is ideal to safely suspend cables and hoses over walkways and roads.

Its application provides clear walkways and safe working conditions for pedestrians and small vehicles (e.g., pallet wagons, bikes, small forklifts), consequently reducing the need for floor cable guards.

Constructed with reinforced steel, the Cable Overpass holds up to 500 kgs, and comes with rounded edges to protect cables and hoses.

It’s suggested that the Cable Overpass be powder coated and hot-dip galvanised for outdoor use. Weight capacity can be increased with custom sizes available on request.

  • Constructed with reinforced steel with yellow powder coating
  • Weighs approximately 90 kg
  • Weight capacity and length design can be adjusted upon individual requests (priced accordingly)
  • Transported in foldable packs of 2.3 m x 1.5 m x 0.35 m
  • Proven method that helps save time and effort
  • Production time of approximately six weeks
  • Custom sizes available on request
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Cable Overpass for Wire Management

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