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S Type Cable Safety Installation Solution
S Type Safety Cable Hanger

S Type Cable Safety Hanger Features:

Product Code: ES-SCH-6/9/12/15

S Type Cable Safety for Cable, Leads and Hoses

Manufactured from insulating polypropylene, the S-Type Safety Cable Hangers are perfect for suspending cables, leads, hoses, and other work components off the ground, eliminating trip hazards and creating a safe work environment for personnel and vehicles.

It suspends cables from railings and bulkheads, ensuring that entrances, stairs, hangars, and corridors are kept accessible.

They can also be used for the safe housekeeping of the hundreds of meters of cables and hoses needed at the workplace. There is a hole at each end of the hook that enables the operator to secure and affix the cable hook itself by means of a cable tie wrap; they are also suitable for bundled cables.

They are also used to support, suspend, and retain low and high-voltage cables in the offshore, marine, petrochemical, mining, rail, chemical, and electrical power industries.

S Type Cable Safety Hangers Sizes:

The S-Type Safety Cable Hangers are non-conductive and are available in three sizes:
6 inch
9 inch
12 inch
15 inch

  • Smooth and easy to install
  • Does not deteriorate or mar surfaces
  • Heavy-duty, highly visible polypropylene hooks
  • Non-conductive to electricity and heat
  • Not for lifting purposes

* Also available in Nylon (Extra Charges)

S Type Cable Safety Product Dimension
S Type Cable Safety Installation

S Type Cable Safety for Wire Management

S Type Cable for Wire Safety

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