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Cable Wire Manager for Wire Management
Cable Wire Manager

Cable / Wire Manager Features:

Product Code: ES-SCH-CWM

Cable Wire Manager for Wire Safety

E-Square’s Cable Wire Manager is used for the management of temporary or semi-permanent cables, creating a safe working environment free of slips and trips for all the workers, as well as managing cables trailing across the floors, stairways, and doorways in industries, construction sites, events, warehouses, outdoor engineering works, offshore, or mining, etc.

The unique reverse hook arrangement allows cables to be quickly and easily loaded and locked into a row and held tight between two fixed spaces up to four or five metres apart.

It allows cables to be easily removed individually, and facilitates use by multiple users. Cable Wire Manager can be directly mounted (vertically or horizontally) on uneven surfaces, poles, walls, ceilings, scaffolds, floors, wire mesh fencing, and more, with just screws, PVC cable ties, or nails.

  • Designed for rigorous environments and to ensure maximum safety
  • Moulded in a durable polypropylene
  • Withholds up to five standard 110v or 240v cables ranging from 8 to 11 mm in diameter
  • Economical and robust cable management solutions
Cable Wire Manager Product Dimension
Cable Wire Management for Safety

Cable Manager for Wire Safety

Cable Wire Manager

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