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Hanging Tri Hook for Wire Management Solutions
Hanging Tri Hook

Hanging Tri Hook Features:

Product Code: ES-SCH-HTH

Hanging Tri Hook for Wire Management

E-Square’s Hanging Tri Hooks are carefully designed to lift trailing cables off the work floor and out of harm’s way. These heavy-duty safety hangers are perfect for hanging cables from scaffolding, cable baskets, handrails, ceiling grids, and other secure overhead features.

It provides a quick and easy way to suspend cables. If the work environment has no overhead features, the screw hole on the side allows it to be fixed to walls or ceilings.

Hanging Tri Hooks offer easily removable top sections which the user can twist to disconnect. This kind of application is especially practical for use on stairwells and other areas with no overhead features.

With a quick and easy installation requiring no fixing or adhesion, it’s perfect for supporting temporary lighting.

  • Ideal for scaffolding, cable trays, ceiling grids, and other overhead features
  • Can be screwed to a wall if required
  • Suitable for construction/building sites
  • Space every two metres
  • Non-conductive
  • Fully recyclable and reusable
Hanging Tri Hook Cable Safety Dimension
Hanging Tri Hook for Wire Safety

Hanging Tri Hook for Cable Management

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