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Wire Installation on Mounted Tri Hook at Ceilings
Mounted Tri Hook

Mounted Tri Hook Features:

Product Code: ES-SCH-MTH

Mounted Tri Hooks for Suspending Cables

E-Square’s Mounted Tri Hooks are simple and easy to use for suspending cables along walls and ceilings. They are highly visible, simply installed using two screws.

You can easily fit cables, running them at a high level along corridors and walkways from one Mounted Tri Hook to the next, ideally spaced every two metres.

These highly durable, non-conducting, ultra-strong polypropylene hooks are injection moulded to carry multiple cables and hoses safely.

Since they can be used on ceilings, some people have started using them as a permanent alternative to cable trays.

  • Eliminates trip hazard
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Screw to the surface
  • Space every two metres
  • Used on walls and ceilings
  • Perfect for long corridors
Mounted Tri Hook Dimension
Mounted Tri Hooks for Wire Safety

Mounted Tri Hooks for Cable Management

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