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Hexahook Hanger Extendable Stand for Wire Management
Hexahook Hanger Extendable Stand

Hexahook Extendable Hanger Stand Features:

Product Code: ES-SCH-HHES

Hexahook Hanger Extendable Stand to Hang Power Leads and Cables

One of the most practical ways to eliminate the hazard of trailing cables is by using E-Square’s Hexahook Hanger. It provides an easy and economical way to hang power leads, cables, and hoses up off the ground, securing them in an elevated position.

Its six compartments support various-sized extension leads and air hoses.

It not only protects personnel from electrocution and trip hazards, but also protects the cables from wear and tear, dirt, mud, water, and more.

The Hexahook is manufactured from injection-moulded ABS plastic in yellow, made to safely carry multiple cables and hoses ranging in size. The Hexahook Hanger is attached to the extendable tower stand, which can be raised to 2.5 m in height.

The extendable lead stand is adjustable, portable, highly visible, extremely stable, and comes in three parts – the base, extendable pole with two levers, and the head. The removable telescopic lead stand attachment makes the Hexahook easy to store and transport. The stand also allows the freedom to move it around for easy movement of machines and personnel around work areas.

  • Telescopic stands are extendable to 2.5 m, using a simple thumbscrew adjustment
  • Holds up to 8 leads and 2 air hoses
  • Replacement Hexahook Hanger are also available
  • Easy to install and used for eliminating trip hazards
  • Placement of sandbags at the base is recommended for improved stability
  • It is recommended not to tie cables around the tower head; the cables should run freely
    at all times

* Also available in Nylon (Extra Charges)

Hexahook Hanger Extendable Stand for Wire Management Solutions
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